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What is Your Story?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Do you find yourself always trying to lose those last 10 pounds?

Do you not feel like yourself anymore?

Do you know what to do to feel better, but you just don't do it?

We often don’t achieve the success in our health because we hold onto a story about ourselves. What story about yourself is preventing you from thriving?

Exercise is not my thing.

All of my family is “Fill in the blank” so I will be too.

I don't have time, I am so busy.

I will always be sick.

This is just the way I am made.

I call BULLSH!T! What if I told you; it is not true! You do not have to believe everything you think. This point is important, our thoughts are just that; thoughts. We are who we think we are.

You CANNOT continue to give power to something in your life that is not serving you. You have the power to change your story.

1. Find proof the story is untrue. Picture when in your life the story was different.

2. Turn the story around, find a new version to hold onto. This is your new story or truth.

3. Use this new story as your filter, perspective, and guideposts for steering your life.

4. Take action; add in one small positive change for you.

It is time to design your life; take an offensive stand versus a defensive stand. Focus on creating health not battling disease. You are in the drivers seat. It is time to navigate your road trip with a story that is true.

If you need a copilot; I will be happy to help! Road trips are more fun with someone in the passenger seat. (I won’t sing too loud or eat all the snacks either!)

You are meant to thrive!


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