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Reaching out to Jess has been such a blessing and benefit! From helping me realize it’s not selfish to take time for myself, give yourself grace, and thrive every day! Jess has helped me in so many ways, I can’t even list them all! 

She helped me realize food is fuel - I struggled with eating and then knowing what to eat. She took the time to send me ideas of what to eat and educated me on the benefits of different foods. I don’t enjoy cooking and it takes too much time to plan, shop, and cook. Wow, she made it so easy for me with ideas, tips, and tricks!

I was struggling with back issues from a previous injury. Jess provided me with exercises to strengthen my core and back muscles. I thought how can this work, I don’t even live in the same state, BUT it did. We had FaceTime calls to ensure I was doing the stretches and exercises appropriately. It was great, she would do them right along with me! 

Acid reflux has been a major struggle for years! It got better when I was eating right, however, I had a lot of stress this summer. Dealing with a family member’s illness and planning my daughter’s wedding was a lot all at once. How can my stomach be on fire so bad when I’ve been following all the eating tips? I reached back out to Jess and I’m so thankful I did! She explained the impact of stress on my body, especially my digestive system. I didn’t want medicine to band-aide the cure. Jess found supplements for me and WOW did it work! I was faithful on the supplements and continued to eat properly. I can now say I feel great! I have finally said bye-bye to the miserable burning in my stomach!

I can’t say enough about how Jess has benefited me! I recommend reaching out to Jess. You will thank her!  It is okay to make yourself a priority and take time to focus on yourself. We are all meant to thrive!

Alexa Young, CA

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